A place to come together, build rapport and social learning techniques for people of all ages and abilities

Dalwood Equine Connect

About us

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Here at Dalwood Equine Connect, we help clients build confidence, joy and a wider perspective through structured Equine Assisted Engagement (EAE) programmes. EAE is an experiential learning technique where clients have the opportunity to build on their physical & emotional wellbeing through structured interactions with horses.

Inspired to combine their collective 30 years of experience within the Disability sector with their shared lifelong passion for horses, co-owners Irene & Astrid offer a safe and engaging space where clients can experience the magic of connecting with these beautiful animals up close.

At Dalwood Equine Connect, we take great pride in delivering a range of holistic & engaging programmes in a safe & inclusive environment, where clients have the opportunity to interact with our six friendly horses. To ensure your safety we hold full liability insurance & operate with a COVID Safety Plan & risk assessment. All of our facilitators have a Cert-IV in Community Services, a current WWCC, NSW Criminal History Screening & hold Senior First Aid certificates.

What do we offer?

 Equine Assisted Engagement Programmes

We know how stimulating & rewarding it is to spend time with these smart & intuitive animals. We have developed three equine based programmes to promote physical & emotional growth for clients of all ages and abilities, ranging from a relaxing interaction for those looking for minimal involvement, through to a range of Equine Assisted Activity Programmes specifically tailored to meet the abilities of the individual.

Individual Equine Assisted Activity Programmes 

We offer structured 1-on-1 sessions with a program tailored to your specific requirements and abilities. The ultimate goal will be focused on helping you build rapport & confidence through both ground work & mounted on our horses in a carefully controlled setting.

Group Equine Assisted Activity Programmes

We also offer group activities, tailored to the the various capabilities of those in the group. Learn to work together and improve communication skills, develop relationship and build trust together to achieve joint goals.